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The Tibetan jewelry , because it comes from beautiful and mysterious Tibet, were born with the land to give it the magical. In Tibet this predominantly Buddhist  region, the Tibetan jewelry is not only simple adornment, and contain the profound Buddhist  thought, become the Tibetan people's the indispensable part in life.

Tibetan horn combs, which are uniquely made from Tibetan yak horn so that prevent your hair from static. What's more, using such horn comb is benefit to promote blood circulation and long-term usage help cure headache and other head disease. All in all, handmade Tibetan horn comb is your best choice for both hair care and health care.
Horn Combs
Most of people know that, Tibetan turquoise is one kind of the world's precious stones, named after its shape just like the green pinecone. In the Qing dynasty, ancient chinese people regarded it as heaven gemstone that can bring good luck and happiness. The turquoise appears different colours because of the different elements. Generally speaking, it is blue when has copper elements and changes to be green while iron. Turquoise is high quality jadestone, and the blue or dark blue ones are best products.

Tibetan Kukri knives are full of ethnic flavor and national culture. Our online store is engaged in providing you with these Handmade Tibetan Kukri knives. The cutting power of Tibetan Kukri knives is excellent. And they symbolize bravery and valor and expose the art and tradition of Kukri to the out side world. If you see these groovy knives, you must be fascinated by them.

The Prayer Wheel - Spiritual Technology from Tibet. Tibetan Prayer Wheel is the device for spreading spiritual blessings and well being. It is the production of Tibetan culture. Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel is used to invoke the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion.

Our jewelry store professionally shows you the enthralling Tibetan art. Here is a large collection of Handmade Jewelry and Tibetan Handicrafts, traditional, devotional and beautiful.Welcome to visit Tibetan jewelry store www.tibetanjewelry1.com, come to find your favorite! We believe you will satisfy with all the goods here!

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